Healing Communities

Healing Communities is focused on capacity building and program implementation for congregations and houses of worship serving individuals and families affected by crime and incarceration. Healing Communities National maintains a network of Healing Communities Prison Ministry and Prisoner Reentry programs across the United States and is a framework for a distinct form of ministry for men and women returning from or at risk of incarceration, their families and the larger community.


  Philadelphia Gospel Movement

Philadelphia Gospel Movement strives to see the Greater Philadelphia area flourish spiritually, economically, and culturally through the grace of Jesus Christ.

PGM's mission is to advance strategic collaboration among churches, non-profits and the market place.

Strong Families Commission

The Fatherhood Involvement Campaign strives to remind executive opinion leaders, policy makers, and child and family service providers that like the “Responsible Fatherhood” field of study, the value of fathers in our culture ebbs and flows, and is not likely to change any time soon unless we embrace and support the contributions that fathers can make to their children, families and our communities. There is support provided to Symposium Delegates committed to servicing as catalyst raising the consciousness of government , philanthropic, corporate, community, civic, and public/private business leaders from around the state to bring about public action to transform attitudes and behaviors of Pennsylvanians, regarding the value of Fathers and their contributions o the well-being of Pennsylvania’s children, youth and families.


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