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Leadership, Spiritual Renewal, Changed Lives & Transformed Communities!


Philadelphia Leadership Foundation (PLF) is committed to developing a next generation of leadership in the Greater Philadelphia region that is spiritually fit, socially conscious and committed to making a positive impact in our neighborhoods.
Local Focus - Global Impact!

PLF is part of a national movement of more than 30 leadership foundations around the U.S. brought together as part of Leadership Foundations of America (LFA)  - an international network of local faith-based organizations called leadership foundations.
PLF brings together local faith and community leaders, churches, social service groups, and other organizations to tackle the most difficult problems facing the poor in our neighborhoods.  Working together as a team, each leader and group brings its resources.  Resources and successes are shared, partnerships are created and issues are addressed.

Our Programs


Take a tour of our site and learn how PLF can be of assistance to you today.  We have programs focused on urban-suburban church parternship, church-based nonprofit capacity building, Amachi - mentoring of children with incarcerated parents and prisoner ministry, reintegration and reentry.  We seek to encourage, enlighten, educate and empower!




Building on a very successful Winter-Spring 2011 session, PLF, in conjunction with Capstone Legacy Foundation, is providing 8-weeks of nonprofit excellence instruction for churches and ministries so they might be more effective in their service to the community.

Twenty-nine students from 22 different churches and para-church ministries are enrolled in the fall class.  Each are learning practical instruction on how to start and manage a nonprofit organization that is viable, fund-able, accountable and sustainable in support of their Christ-motivated community serving missions.

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Philadelphia Leadership Foundation

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