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Our mission is to serve as a catalyst to bring people, government, businesses and others together in the interest of enhancing the quality of life of individuals and families in the Philadelphia region.


PLF recognizes that opportunities for service abounds and is limited only by the boundries of its own vision. Through the years that have passed, PLF has always connected leaders from all walks of life to tackle a city's most pressing problems affecting the poor and vulnerable to unite people.

What does PLF seek to do?

To train and empower leaders at various levels for a higher quality of leadership to their organizations in these challenging times.


To build effective bridges of contact and communication connecting government, businesses, non-profit organizations and the larger community.


To enhance ongoing and focused dialogue between individuals and organizations for mutual understanding and trust-building.


To help people capture a more creative and helpful perspective on the challenges of daily life and develop a sense of hope.


To identify and mobilize individuals and organizations in order to wisely connect financial resources to human needs.


To connect children, youth and adults with mentors and other positive role models so that they may actively pursue a productive future in spite of their past.


To help all people understand and respond to the concepts of "Stewardship of Life" and" Responsibility for Others" in light of the many blessings God has given to all of us.


Behind every influencer is a story, and PLF needs you and your story to help to impact our city. These opportunities to serve give each of you and us tremendous open doors to touch the City of Philadelphia.